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TIGI Cosmetics

TIGI Cosmetics

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HI everyone!

It's been a while since I've written about a beauty brand that I love and I felt like it was time to share a few of my go-to products with you! If you weren't aware, TIGI (one of my favorite hair care lines) recently launched an AMAZING cosmetic line – TIGI Cosmetics.

I created this simple/elegant look using only TIGI Cosmetics product and would love to share my opinion with you all. The overall application of these products are effortless. It simply feels good applying these products to my skin. It goes on light. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I apply a full face of makeup and it feels thick and heavy throughout my day. TIGI Cosmetics concealer stick is perfect and a great product to keep in your bag if you're constantly on the go. I used it under my eyes and on all of my problem areas and it's definitely erased the bags under my eyes as well as toned down the look of my breakouts.

The shadows are my favorite product by far. With so many shades to choose from and having such an amazing pigment is extremely difficult to find. I like to use TIGI Cosmetics High Density Eyeshadow in the shade Champagne. This shade will look beautiful on anyone - the versatility they offer really impresses me. Just as I noted about the concealer, the eyeshadow goes on smoothly and is densely pigmented giving me the exact look I'm going for. I typically add it all over the lid, and under my bottom lashes to make my eyes pop!

Eye liner. My worst nightmare... until I discovered TIGI Cosmetics Black Patent Liquid Eyeliner. Oh my goodness friends, once you try

this you will NEVER go back. It literally glides on with grace. It's not messy, it quickly dries, and it doesn’t fade throughout the day. I believe it's important to use products that'll last and keep you feeling fresh and beautiful. This is one of those products I won't be able to live without.

I feel Foxy when using their Luxe Lipgloss. I'm using the shade Foxy in the above photos. This is the first gloss that leaves my lips feeling moisturized and smooth. I'm not a fan of sticky lipgloss that is magnetic to hair, and with this gloss they weren’t sticky at all! When applying this product I like to use a few layers. Use one if you want a simple gloss, use a few coats if you want the color to be more vibrant. Also pictured above is the shade Knockout. If I could, I'd have them all!

The final product I used to create this simple look is TIGI Cosmetics High Definition Setting Powder. This powder is a life saver. It keeps my skin looking matte and oil free. I'm always worrying that people are able to see my pores and fine lines, but when you use this as a finishing powder, all of your worries will fly away.

I'll list the exact products below so you too can create this look! If you do decide to re-create this look, please snap a pic and tag me in your post! You can purchase all of these at select CVS stores. You can also purchase your favoritesHERE


(thank you TIGI for sponsoring this post)


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