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Jord Wood Watches

Jord Wood Watches

Hi everyone! 

Happy November! I'm so excited to share all of my favorite fall/winter inspired accessories with you. I've partnered up with Jord Wood Watches to showcase one of my favorite time pieces they have in their collection. Although all of their watches are beautiful and unique I personally have fallen in love with the Dark Sandalwood & Emerald watch. (Fun fact: Jord translates to Earth, Soil, and Land in Swedish. Which embraces the natural beautiful crafted within these watched)

Jord Wood Watches has been modernly designed to create the perfect accessory for your wrist. This watch gives you a sophisticated outlook on time and how you choose to wear it. They're sustainable and made with natural materials which tends to capture the eyes of many. These time pieces are hand crafted meaning each watch is one of a kind. That's something that stood out to me. It's not every day you come across something as unique as Jord. 

Pictured above you can see that this watch can be styled how ever you'd like! It's extremely versatile. One trend I'm currently loving is pairing my watch over a cozy sweater. This allows you to show off your accessories without rolling up your sleeves. It's casual enough to wear while lounging, but not limited to just that. I like to wear my Jord watch to business meetings, family events, and social outings. It can be worn as a statement piece while still keeping its minimalistic vibe. 

This watch will definitely be one of my favorite pieces to wear this fall. It is also the perfect gift to give during the holiday season - which is quickly approaching. I'd love for you all to follow the link below to check out their assortment of beautiful Wood Watches.

I'm currently hosting a giveaway as part of my collaboration!!! Please click HERE to enter for a chance to win!

If you have one of your own or have a favorite style, I'd love to hear about it! 

* This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

Thank you for reading! 


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