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H2O+ Beauty

H2O+ Beauty

Hi beauties! 

I just wanted to take to moment to talk about skin care! YAY! 

I know it's not everyones favorite topic.. but it's definitely an important one. Although it may seem like majority of our friends on insta have the best skin, most people do use editing apps to smooth harsh lines, scarring, and other blemishes. With that being said.. not everyone has perfect skin. So please do not beat yourself up over having a few blemishes or difficult skin. NO ONES PERFECT!

I'm absolutely crazy about cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing. At a young age I struggled with acne and was prompted by my doctor to take a medication for it. I opted out of that and decided to test a BUNCH of different brands to see which worked best for me. There are many skin types out there so if something works for you, roll with it. I also wash my face morning and night, regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. I'm just that crazy about skincare. 

H2O+ Beauty is a brand that I use daily. I was introduced to them at the Create & Cultivate DTLA conference where I was introduced to their product lines. I took home a few samples and decided that this brand 1. knows how to craft amazing skin care products. & 2. Keeps my skin hydrated and blemish free. 

Above you'll find a few of my H2O+ favorites. I've done a few snapchat tutorials showcasing my nightly skincare routine, so if you'd like me to do one again or upload a tutorial on youtube I'd be more than happy to do so :) 

In the morning I like to use these products: 

Infinity+ Renewing Youth Serum
Infinity+ Firming Eye Therapy
Oasis Hydrating Treatment

In the evening I use these products:

Elements On The Move Cleansing Stick
Elements Fresh Powder Exfoliator
Waterbright Illuminating Serum
Waterbright Illuminating Night Cream

These are the products I've tested and have fallen in love with! It's important to treat your skin with the care it needs which is why I'd definitely recommend looking into H2O+ :) Please leave a comment below if you found this post helpful & be sure to give them a follow on instagram! 

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