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Twist Braid Tutorial - Living Proof

As a girl on the go, I believe in crafting simple yet beautiful hair styles that are quick and easy to create. If you want to transform your hair game, follow along to see three unique step by step tutorials!

This specific hair style is perfect for freshly washed hair. I like to wash and condition my hair with Living Proofโ€™s RESTORE line. It leaves my hair feeling nourished, and their formula allows me to go a few days without another wash. I follow with their FRESH CUT SPLIT END MENDER to seal my split ends before blow drying.

Begin look number 1 with clean hair. (Waves optional)

Section o
ff a two small portions of hair form the front of your head and bring them around to the back.

Secure those two sections of hair with a clear elastic.

Make sure you tighten the small pony tail you made so the braid stays secure.

Create a small gap above the elastic with your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers.

Using your thumb, pointer, and middle fingers, pull the pony tail through the gap. Creating a twist braid.

Gently pulll the twist braid apart on both sides.

This is one of the simples styles to create for work & school, yet elegant enough to wear to an event.

Tag me on instagram if you try this braid #mnghair :)

Here's a video tutorial if that's more helpful! 

Thank you Living Proof for sponsoring this tutorial*

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