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Cake Plate - Milly Reversible Top

Cake Plate - Milly Reversible Top

Hi ladies! I absolutely adore Cake Plate boutique in Napa! For my local followers - Cake Plate is located on the River Front down town. Also easy to spot by their cute planter box filled with bright pink flowers in front! 

Napa usually stays warm through October, but the mornings are chilly and picking out an outfit that'll work during the WHOLE day is sometimes difficult. I've teamed up with
Cake Plate to showcase a few one of a kind pieces that are perfect for our summer to fall transitional period. 

This top by MILLY is to die for.. 

The material, the fit, the comfort, the fact that it's reversible

As you may know, or will quickly learn - I have a super minimalist style and aesthetic. I love simple textures, whites, blush pinks, pastels.. but sometimes certain occasions calls for something different. This top can be dressed up, dressed down, paired with a statement necklace (adorable accessory selection at Cake Plate), etc. 

Also featured in this post is my Dagne Dover bag which I will be posting about towards the end of this month..

I'd love to hear some of your favorite styles for early fall! I always enjoy reading your comments - getting to know my followers is so much fun! 

Stay tuned for more fall transitional pieces during these next couple of months :)

Thank you Cake Plate for sponsoring this post*

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Personal Updates

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