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Hair Goals - by Chelsea Schoeppe

Hair Goals - by Chelsea Schoeppe

HI everyone!

I get so many questions about my hair and wanted to shine a little light on how I get it this way! First off, I need to send a huge hug and thank you to my colorist Chelsea! Not only have I been going to her for years, she's been a close family friend before I entered the 4th grade. From pretend curling my hair, to dressing me up, to doing a full face of make up with her signature pallet from Clair's ;) she's always been my go to beauty guru. Fast forward to 2013, cosmetology license in hand and a girl (me) with a previously bad highlight, Chelsea knew exactly how to correct the problem.  From then on I've never sat in any one else's chair.. 

I've always been blonde. I was born with blonde hair and have only ONCE (during one uncomfortable break up) dyed my hair dark dark brown. (she begged me not to but I didn't give her much of a choice). Luckily, a month or two later when I snapped out of my funk I sent her a message that probably made her cringe lol. "I want to be blonde again." We made my appointment and then we began, what I thought would be, a long journey back to blond. 

2 appointments later, with a head full of long blonde locks, I couldn't be happier.
Fast forward to 2016 and I'm still the happiest blonde in town. She usually highlights my hair & tones it with a purple toner to give it an icier look. Chops a couple inches off to keep it healthy, clips my extensions in, and styles it with beautiful waves! 

We used my Sultra 1.5 bombshell curling wand, and my Sultra Seductress straightener to straighten the ends to give it a looser curl. You can purchase them below if you want to #makewaveswithsultra :) like i did! 

Shop this Sultra wand  HERE

Shop this Sultra wand HERE

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