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Oak & Ashland

Oak & Ashland

Good morning gals! I hope you had a wonderful week. I reached so many of my goals, and to say the least I'm so proud of myself, & YOU SHOULD BE TOO. Today I'm sharing a couple new products that I've fallen in love with. Lets be honest, life can be so insanely difficult at times. It's important to stop and smell the roses, literally. 

As we grow older, unfortunately so does our skin, that's why it's SO important take care of it! When I was younger (early high school) I struggled with acne. It wasn't crazy bad, but it definitely caused a lot of unneeded stress. It took an unreasonable amount of courage to walk out of my house without make up covering it all up. It quickly became something my peers were aware of and from that moment on I decided to fight back. 

I first tried the proactive approach, it did not work well for me. I tried that for a few months, in hopes that the first try would be the charm. I was wrong :( I then reached out to a friend that was managing a local shop that provided all natural products. She encouraged me to try their detox line. Within two weeks my acne was completely gone. I've been using their products for 5 years, and refuse to switch it up. Whatever works for YOU, keep it up! 

With that said, I have very sensitive skin, which I was unaware of for quite a while. Using new products always worries me because the feeling of breaking out is the worst.

Oak&Ashland put the biggest smile on my face. Not only are their products locally made, but they're natural and a delight to use. Their Rose + Coconut gentle exfoliating mask & their Rose Petal lip butter are my two new go to products. The exfoliating mask is very easy on my skin, smells amazing, and left my skin feeling smooth and properly exfoliated. The lip butter is crafted with coconut oil + shea butter, which makes my lips feel nourished and moist. No one likes dry lips. I like to exfoliate my lips with sugar in the morning after brushing my teeth, and moisturize throughout the day. It's also delicately scented with pure Rose oil! 

These products are for sale on their website listed below. I highly encourage taking a peek at their product line. If you struggle with sensitive skin, acne, etc. i understand your pain! So lets make like a little easier & purchase something that'll make you & your skin happy :) 



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