Olive & June Social Case Study


Part 1 - Opportunities

Please list at least 3 areas of opportunity within each of the following O&J social media channels: IG, Facebook, and Pinterest. We want to know what you believe we could develop further on or do differently to elevate and grow our channels. Please be detailed and thorough.

1.INFLUENCERS (start a base of influencers to grow the awareness of the brand. Although O&J has a large presence on social, being continuously spoken about in a positive manor is highly beneficial.)

2.VIDEO (Video is a huge asset on Ig and facebook. Although pinterest doesn’t thrive in the video department, having this content will definitely be good for growth)

3. Supporting each channel by a bigger/greater calendar (1 marketing calendar, + moments) editorial, social media, including all the things that make sense for each channel. Having daily pitches with purpose. Creating a channel focused strategy with a more focus on each individual platform. Efforts will be maximized per channel according to what helps growth. Not just using content across all boards. Facebook should be more promotional where as IG should be aesthetics, Youtube & Pinterest tutorial driven.


Part 2 - Sample Captions

Provide 2 captions for each image, with perceived Olive & June brand voice.


Part 3 - Instagram Stories Concepts

Provide 3 story concepts focusing on nail-centric ideas you think would perform well (DIY, sticker application, moodboard/inspiration, trends, celebrities etc.) Please create mockups and let your creativity shine!


Part 4 - Instagram TV / Youtube Strategy

We can’t wait to launch video content. Please let us know what content you would create first if we started filming tomorrow. How would you structure the content? Please provide a 30 day roll out plan.


Part 5 - Blog

Our website will be the destination to learn about all things nails from at your home nail routine to salon visits and everything in between. What are 3 burning nail questions / topics that you think we must address first?

  1. Let’s stop biting our nails, shall we?
    - A large group of my friends, including creatives, bite their nails because of stress and out of habit. Most of them have said that having a gel polish on their nails keep them from biting. I’ve asked some of my male friends if they would be interested in having a gel clear top coat and 100% of them said YES, “anything to keep from biting.”

  2. Skin Tone + Polish (seasonal)
    - Creating a seasonal blog post talking about skin tone and polish colors could be a great way of sharing all colors we have and what would look best on YOU during fall, winter, spring, and summer.

  3. What’s inside? (each of our kits, explained)
    - Talking about what is in our kits and how they are great for every human is a great way to educate our followers and drive sales. Example: The Tool Box. Having an influencer create a guest blog post will attract their readers, our readers, and share how “real humans” use our kits.


Part 6 - Product Launches and Campaign Planning

We are launching a Daily Maintenance Kit that includes a travel bag, cuticle serum, top coat and nail file. The idea is that these are the essentials to elongate your mani while you're traveling. Please create a campaign go-to-market plan with an overall social strategy, daily content plan for the 4 weeks post launch including concepts around content that needs to be shot, stories we want to tell across social platform, etc. Please provide the final plan (in google sheets or google slides) that takes us through the launch month of the campaign. Assume it launches 8/15.


Part 7 - Photo Editing

Please edit the photo below to create a perfect IG-worthy mani.


Part 8 - Video Editing

Video content and tutorials will be a huge opportunity for this year, we'd love for you to come up with a video or two that would demonstrate a nail "how-to". Some examples can be found here, here and here. Of course, we don't expect you to do any crazy nail art designs, we'd love to see the creative direction you take, how you'd include branding, produce and edit for something like this.