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Human Connection

Human Connection

Hi wonderful souls,

Just like every other day on this rotating rock - I've been compelled to type something up to share with you. 

Human connection. It's becoming extremely difficult to find. I've always considered myself an open book but most of my insecurities create boundaries that are unbreakable, which can cause a lot of conflict in friendships and stunt the growth of what they have the potential to be. If you're like me.. do not let it consume you. Do not let your insecurities define who YOU are. I stumbled upon this quote by one of my biggest inspirations who I had the pleasure of meeting this past May.. 

“But when you meet people who you feel are your soulmate, how long you’ve known them is the least of importance. You can know someone for a lifetime, but only gossip with them and go home feeling empty; or you can talk to someone once and pour your heart out so much that you feel you’ll never be the same person without them.”
— Sonya Esman, Class is Internal

I think there's a lot of truth in those sentences. Being able to find the colors between black & white, and sharing them with someone without judgment or fear sounds incredible. Imagine being able to dish it all and them doing the same. Imagine having 100% trust in that person to hold on to your deepest secrets, feelings, anxieties. I consider that a soul mate. Don't you?

For so many years I believed life was black & white. I believed in right and wrong. That change was a bad thing. I let the fear of what could happen consume me enough to the point of backing down and shying away from taking risks that could benefit my future. Whenever the opportunity to dish it all presented itself, I wouldn't take it. As I grow older, I'm learning to take it as well as the opportunities that come along with it. Life is more than all the wrongs we've done, more than the awkward gray areas, and can be as exhilarating as we allow it to be. 

This also brought me back to earth..  
"It's easy to dump your feelings into an electronic device and feel a sense of connection or relief. You're not face to face. You're pressing send and watching it be read and replied to. But the problem with that is it's all edited. It's shortened, clinical versions of the real thing. Which in reality causes a disconnect." 

Human connection is only found when it wants to be. I'm just now beginning to see the importance in sharing my true thoughts and emotions with people who genuinely want to hear them. Raw emotion gives me a sense of strength and the urge to dive deeper. Lets face it, no one likes swimming on the surface.

I'd encourage everyone reading this to dive a little deeper, listen when someones speaking, and enjoy having a hungry soul. 


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