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Can't Sleep? Try This!

Can't Sleep? Try This!

Let’s talk about S L E E P! Yay! One of my favorite topics.

Over the years I’ve learned just how important sleep actually is not only for the body but the mind and soul too. There are many people I know who can fall asleep within seconds. I was never one of those people until just recently.

In 2017 I battled an ED. I was seeing an awesome holistic doctor in NYC who diagnosed me with insomnia. It wasn’t until then that I realized it was time to make some changes. Sure, I developed some bad habits but I knew I could change them. It was time to start forming some good ones!

A few things that kept me up were obvious. Caffeine, dairy, and technology. This might be the point in this post where I lose a few of you. I know you love your coffee, your mac n cheese, and your netflix but seriously.. Keep reading!

First I’ll explain some of my bad habits and then I’ll tell you what I did to change them.

Coffee! That black juice that keeps you going all day. I was drinking 3-7 cups a day. I’d mix it up - black coffee, lattes, double shots of espresso. On top of not consuming any food, I’d drink nothing but coffee. I read somewhere that for every cup of coffee you drink that you should follow it with 2 cups of water. I wasn’t doing that.

Dairy! I was vegan for a while when I was first diagnosed with PCOS and then when I moved to NYC I dropped that healthy lifestyle for Artichoke’s cheesy pizza and Davey’s ice cream. My diet changed so much when I started living in a new place with limited options and at one point it made more sense to just eat whatever was available.

Technology! You know those people who can't fall asleep without background noise? I was one of them. I would make sure Netflix was on ALL night. Falling asleep to Michael Scott’s voice was sooo soothing - not. I’d stare at my phone until I had a headache, and then trade in the phone for netflix.

Okay now it’s time for the fun part of this chat! All the things I did to change my sleeping habits. I can’t say that these will work for you because everybody is different and I’m not a doctor so if you’re hesitant about anything just follow up with your doctor :) These are just the things that worked for me.


1.Cutting the coffee.
2.Eliminating dairy.
3.Turning off the tech.

There’s really nothing crazy too it. I cut out caffeine as much as I could. I love coffee and tea so I just cut back. Instead of 6 cups a day I now have one (if i'm in the mood for it). I’m in no way addicted to caffeine so if I go without for a few days I don’t have any side effects (headaches, drowsiness, etc.)

Eliminating dairy is the biggest one in my opinion. Having PCOS, it’s extremely important that dairy stays out of my every day diet. I’m not going to lie, it’s hard. I love whole milk hot chocolate and mac n cheese but after a week without it’s definitely doable.

Turning off technology is another big one for me. I was never able to completely shut down mentally and emotionally. Having background noise was a distraction but never helped me sleep. I still am not in a place where I feel comfortable going to sleep in silence. For this - I downloaded the CALM app on my iPhone. They have so many amazing sleepy time options. You can listen to a story or listen to their night time playlist. It turns off after 15-30 minutes so it’s not playing all night.

Those three things helped me most with sleep. I was getting maybe 3 hours a night to now getting a full 8 hours. Believe me - there’s a HUGE difference. A few other things I worked into my sleep routine were Calm from Whole Foods. It’s a powdered supplement that you add to a glass of water. It promotes relaxation and really works for me. Ice rolling is another. I keep it in my freezer and pull it out to massage my face after my skincare routine. I also dry brush my body. I usually do this before I shower. All it consists of it brushing your body from the toes up to your chest. It assists in improving vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.

I’ll write seperate posts for the last 3 things this week and link them on instagram!

Lets recap:

1.No caffeine
2.No dairy
3.No technology
4.CALM meditation app
5.Calm supplement
6.Ice rolling
7.Dry brushing

These all assist in a healthier and more restful sleep for me and I hope they help you too!

Sleep tight,

Here are the links to the products listed above! 



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