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Textured Braid with Eva NYC

Textured Braid with Eva NYC

Helllloooo there :) 

I created this tutorial because it's a style I wear at least once a week! It looks more complicated than it is so I hope this helps! I used my Barefoot Blonde hair extensions to create this look, but it can be done with medium length hair as well! I like to wear this on 3rd day hair because I pulls it out of my face while holding it all in place. 

1. Brush your hair out!

2. Spray your hair with Eva NYC texture spray

3. Pull the top half of your hair into a small pony tail (making sure there are no tangles) and secure it with a clear elastic.

4. Above the clear elastic, with your fingers, pull the hair into two sections.

5. Flip the pony tail over and into that opening you made.

6.Tug on the two twists you just made to loosen them up!

7. Spray a little bit more of that amazing texture spray into the ends of the pony.

8. Fishtail the pony! (2 sections, crossing little pieces from each side over to the other.

9. Pull it apart!

10. You have a twisted fishtail :)

It's that simple! 

Thank you so much to Eva NYC for supplying me with this amazing texture spray! I truly couldn't do it without you.


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