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Valentines Day Hair

Valentines Day Hair

Happy (almost) Valentines Day! 

I decided to create this super fun braided hair style to celebrate. If you decide to try this style on you or someone else PLEASE let me know & be sure to tag me in your photo :)

Here are the steps:

1. Brush out your hair! (I like to use my Wet Brush)

2. Make two small braids on both sides of your head. 

3. Pull them apart! Make them look extra chunky.

4. Bring both braids to the back of your head and secure them together with a small clear elastic. 


5. Take a small chunk of hair (do this on both sides) and loop it OVER the braid, and then pull it out under the braid to create a knot like look. Do this on both sides. 

6. Connect the ends of the loops with a small clear elastic to create a heart shape!

I like to add some extra waves at the end with my Nume wand. It's a 25mm and perfect for beachy waves. If you don't own a wand you can also curl your hair with a flat iron. I use my t3micro single pass LUXE. 

Usually before I start braiding I like to add some texture to my hair and after I add a lot of volume spray. I've linked everything that I use below :) 




Romantic Side French Braid

Romantic Side French Braid

Textured Braid with Eva NYC

Textured Braid with Eva NYC