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Dutch Braid & a Messy Bun

Dutch Braid & a Messy Bun

This is probably one of the messiest hair styles I've done to date. These photos are dated back to July 2015, but I just can't part with them. This is a dutch braid pulled into a messy bun. Getting this look is very simple if you have naturally textured hair (if not - check out my product favorites page). I also like this style around the house, if I'm working out, or if my hair is really greasy from not washing it every day. To achieve this braided bun, you'll need one clear elastic and one thick elastic. In this photo I'm wearing my Breast Cancer Awareness band, which is why it's extra visible. 
To create a dutch braid, you'll split one chunk of hair into three separate sections, and cross 1 side under the middle, followed by the opposite side under the middle. Like a french braid, you'll want to incorporate more hair, so gradually pulling in pieces form the sides will create a super chunky flawless dutch braid. I tie that off, and then pull all my hair up and bun it. I try not to use bobby pins to perfect the look because were all guilty of using more than ONE pin. If you use one, you use 50 and then it becomes less of a messy bun, and more of an up do for prom. 

If you'd like me to make a tutorial for this look please like this post and comment below!

XO, Megan

Ps. I'm wearing a Brandy Melville top, and under that a tank from Miyamo


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