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Side Fish Tail


This is one of my favorite classic braids! A side french fishtail. All of my hair is pulled to one side and incorporated in. It is very classy and perfect if you want a fresh look for work or a night out. It can also be warn with a cozy sweater on a lazy afternoon - a little more un done & messy. The key to this side fishtail is simply pulling it apart. Taking you thumb, pointer, and middle finger - lightly grab small portions of the braid, pull them out gently and loosely. (tip: don't pull too much because then you'll have to start all over- and no one likes to start all over). I like to start from the bottom up. The top is the most delicate portion of hair, so you have to be careful when messing with those strands of hair. If you'd like me to make a tutorial for this style please like, & comment below! I'll be sure to make one if requested. Love you all!

XO, Megan 

Ps. My sweater is form Brandy Melville & my lip is Stilla in the color Bella13

Twist Braid

Dutch Braid & a Messy Bun

Dutch Braid & a Messy Bun