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Dutch Side Braid x LacedHair

Hi Guys!

These chunky dutch braids are my current go-to braid. This years Spring season has arrived, but the Napa Valley has been experiencing so much rain.. which makes loose wavy curls kind of difficult to keep in-tact. Dutch braids are actually very simple, instead of crossing the side pieces OVER the middle, you'll cross them UNDER. That simple switch makes a huge difference. When you pull it apart it creates a loose boho, chunky style. 

1. Part hair to the side.

2. One the thicker side, divide a section of hair into three pieces.

3. Cross one SIDE piece UNDER the MIDDLE piece, & repeat the step for the other side piece.

4. Repeat this process until you reach a good ending point (i usually stop when i have a good sized tail at the end).

5. Using your pointer finger & thumb, slowly pull apart the pieces. Each chunk can be pulled on to increase thickness. I start form the top and work my way down, and i repeat this step as many times as needed. Just make sure not to pull the sections out, or you'll have to begin again.

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