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Braided Bun x Living Proof

We are big fans of not washing our hair every day (yes, even after a tough workout). We asked blogger Megan Gentryqueen of the coolest braid tutorials, to share a look we could wear on non-shampoo days.  Here’s how to get her messy braided bun in seven steps.

Hi there! I’m Megan, a lifestyle blogger with a penchant for braids. Today I’ll be sharing a messy braided bun tutorial for a super simple second (or third…or fourth…) day style using some of my favorite products. Follow along to get the look.

Step 1: prep the hair. 
Before I start the style I like to use this dry shampoo to freshen up my not so freshly washed hair. I shake the can, spray a couple inches from my roots, and wait for the powders to absorb, then I brush the residue away. Not only does my hair now look and feel cleaner, but this dry shampoo adds some texture which helps me achieve that effortless messy bun look.

Next I add apply a few pumps of  Nourishing Oil to smooth out my coarse, thick hair. This oil adds shine and makes my hair feel healthier without making it look greasy or weighed down.

Last I like to use a little Fresh Cut to seal my split ends. Even though this has a messy, undone quality to it, I still want my hair to look healthy.

Step 2: section and begin braiding. 
Start by parting your hair off to the side. Create three small sections on the side with more hair and start your face framing braid. For this braid you’ll cross the side sections under the middle section and repeat. Once you’ve reached the bottom of your braid tie it off with a clear elastic (you can buy these at your local drugstore).

Step 3: mess things up a little. 
Go back into the braid and pull it apart—this adds fullness makes the braid look a little more effortless. 

Step 4: keep sectioning. 

Pull the rest of the hair to the back of your head and section off 3/4 of it to use later. With the remaining section, create a 3 strand braid and tie off with another clear elastic. Move the braid to the side.

Step 5: pull back the first braid and the remaining hair into a messy bun.

Step 6: start wrapping. 
Take the remaining bottom braid and wrap it around the top of the bun as many times as you are able to depending on your hair length. Secure the wrapped around braid with bobby pins and finish with a few sprays of Flex. Easy!

And then you're done :) Be sure to tag me if you try this yourself, and comment below if this was helpful!


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