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My Beauty Tea

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Hi everyone - & all my tea enthusiast followers. I hope you're enjoying your week!  I am because it f r i d a y and i have my weekends back. Which means I'll be able to post a lot more content, and fill you in on all my favorite products! I finally have an email set up so I'm able to send email blasts about my posts, so you don't have to check the website for updates. Exciting things are happening! 

Today I'm reviewing this amazing brand that I've fallen in love with during the past few months - My Beauty Tea. Their teas have honestly changed my life. Drinking a cup of their Mermaid blend - hibiscus flowers, rosehips, apple cubes, orange peels, pineapple fruit, coconut shreds, flower blossoms and natural flavors - makes me feel beautiful. It has a really soft taste that enhances nothing but positive vibes. I love this blend hot, but in the summer when it gets hot at 10am, drinking it iced is so satisfying.

My Beauty Tea offers a huge range of teas. One thing that all of the blends have in common - they make you feel beautiful inside & out. As you all know, I'm a very clean eater and natural/seasonal foods are essential. A lot of iced teas have a lot of sugar which I try and stay away from, and the teas you find on their site are handpacked, fresh, beautiful in smell/color, and simply delightful. 

To get me through the day, I turn to green tea (coffee will always be there for me, but this tea is hard to turn down). Their Pink Blossom blend - Blended with a variety of the finest Chinese green teas, elderberries, French lavender flowers, pink pepper, cornflowers, safflowers, calendula, rosemary leaves and natural flavors - is incredible. It's a great green tea for starters. If you're trying to force your pallet to like green tea, this is a perfect one to start. It has a great smell, and a really enjoyable taste. I drink it iced with lunch, and throughout the day. Green tea is so great for you and your body. It's so important to love yourself guys! So you should start by transforming your body and your mind by drinking My Beauty Tea. You can check out their website or visit their adorable instagram to see their updates. AND if you would like to purchase some of their products you'll get 10% off using my code MEGANN at checkout!


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Valentines Day Roundup

Valentines Day Roundup

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