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Valentines Day Roundup

Valentines Day Roundup

Oh Valentines Day! The day of love. The day of red roses, delicious chocolate, and pink lipstick. This V-Day was full of surprises, and I couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. In these photos I'm sharing only a few little treasures (& of course paired with a casual dutch braid). 

1. My dutch braid. I woke up yesterday morning, of course, with the intentions of wearing some sort of braid - because how could you not wear a braid on Sunday! This is a hook dutch braid, which is always a bit more difficult to manage - especcialy if you wear extension (if not, check out LacedHair Extensions). If you'd like a tutorial for this, please leave a request in the comments & I'll be sure to make one for you!

2. Chocolate Truffles! These chocolate cocoa dusted truffles are my absolute favorite. They are just so satisfying.. You can purchase these delicious treats at any TJ's. I have a major sweet tooth, so the fact they are made with toffee bits, make them 10x more amazing. They come in an adorable box, they're not very expensive, & they absolutely made my day.

3. Rings. Gold rings. These beautiful rings were gifted to me from RoxNBunny. They have a gorgeous line of jewelry, and my fingers feel so lonely when I'm not wearing them. They're very dainty, classy, and make any outfit look a little more, done. I'm so in love with their product line and I would encourage everyone to head over to their website to see more of their stunning pieces. 

4. Lipstick! How could any gal survive Valentines Day, or any special occasion, without lipstick! I have so many different shades of pink, but my all time favorite has to be "Melted Peony" by Too Faced. This is a liquified, long wear lipstick that makes your lips look & feel amazing. As I chat more about lipstick with my colleagues, I've noticed quite a few don't gals don't like the feeling because it tightens up, and rubs off. This specific lipstick does rub off, feels wonderful on your lips, and makes wearing it so much fun! They have so many colors to choose from too. 

On a side note, Alex gave me the sweetest Valentines gift. I was surprised with 24 long stem red roses, an amazing card, and a huge box of chocolate. He knows me too well.. The roses were literally the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen. They were from a local flower shop, and I couldn't have been happier :)

Now that I've told you about my V-Day, I want to hear about YOURS! :) Comment below your favorite Valentines Day experiences to get me through this Monday! 

XO, Megan 

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